Asma Aldosari becomes a world class event organizer of Bollywood and Hollywood

International event organizer Asma Aldosari from Qatar had a vision and showed tremendous interest in the field of event management. Coming from a family with no background in this industry Asma had to start from the scratch to make it to the top. Her journey has not been easy yet this woman never gave up.

Asma thus started practicing event management all by herself. Without anybody’s help or any academic qualification in the field Asma started coaching herself with the help of thorough research, gathering knowledge and her passion for making a big name in the business she kept taking up events, organizing press conferences and practicing PR activities.

Asma Aldosari is a well renowned name in the event industry and has been taking up a number of projects related to the Bollywood and the Hollywood film industry. Asma has made her name in the most talked about event managers list of the industry.

Asma also withholds a powerful marketing team and having mastered creativity she has managed to provide her brand tremendous appreciation with her powerful marketing/organising and PR skills and mind boggling planning and executions.

Asma Aldosari has become a renowned name in the film industry. Her business skills have become the talk of the town and she’s the favourite amongst all the A-listers of the film fraternity.

Despite of having no backbone or a godfather in the industry Asma had to face a number of hurdles yet leaving no stone unturned she never stopped or took a pause from her career. Infact with every down fall she stood up strong and tall. When asked about the same she quotes “De-coding challenges’ is your biggest success mantra.

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From a small company press conference to handling big budget movies press conferences, from wedding planning to blockbuster shows, from huge announcements to organizing A-listers baby showers Asma is always in cahoots for managing all of it. She has not only won the hearts of Bollywood and Hollywood industry but has also made a mark on the globe being an event magnate.

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