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A Brand New Period Emoji To Make Its Way From March, Internet Goes Berserk

It is the 21st century, where everyone has the right to do whatever they want. We are making great progress in all the fields concerned. However, there are still some taboo subjects that are still not discussed as much as it needs to be. One such subject is menstruation, which is not a problem but every woman’s need.  However, there are lots of stigmas associated with it all over the world.

There is not a single place, where it can be discussed openly. People still feel ashamed while talking about menstruation, which is a shame as it leaves many health and hygiene related issues unaddressed.

Now, Coding Consortium Unicode, which is responsible for creating emojis, has taken a very important step related to spreading awareness about menstruation. It will bring a brand new period emoji along with 230 other emojis from March 2019.

Plan International UK started a campaign for the inclusion of period emoji to create awareness about this much-needed subject.

Thriller with this announcement, Plan International UK took to Twitter share the news about the brand new period emoji. Check out the Tweet down below.



This news has spread like wildfire with people all around the world started giving their responses. It has received a mixed response, where there are some people lauding the effort, whereas some of them are not too pleased about this as it shows only a drop of blood, which is pretty common with the masses. They are also not happy with the fact that it failed to represent anything specific.

This Is How the Internet Reacted:

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