The 9 Top Billionaire Daughter of India!

1. Nisa Godrej– billionaire daughter of Adi Godrej, Parmeshwar GodrejNisa is the chairperson of Godrej Consumer Products. She also oversees the corporate strategy and human capital functions for Godrej Industries and its associate companies. Currently she is managing over 20,000 employees in the company.
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2. Tanya DubashShe is the elder daughter of Mr. Adi Godrej. She is the younger sister of Nasi Godrej. She is the Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer at the Godrej Group. She is also serving on the Board of Directors of Bhartiya Mahila Bank.
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3. Vinita GuptaShe is daughter of a major pharmaceutical businessman. Since September 2013, she is the chief executive officer of Lupin Limited. She also hold degree in Electrical Engineering.

4. Isheta SalgaocarIsheta Salgaocar is a Mukesh Ambani’s Niece. So now you can sense from how influential and rich family. She owns a big name in column writing in India as well as international publications. She got married to the bigshot diamond jewellery designer Nirav Modi’s younger brother, Neeshal Modi.

5. Roshni NadarBy looking at the picture one can sense it that she is one of the most beautiful billionaire daughter. She is a heir of Shiv Nadar. She is just only 28 year old and she is a Chief Executive and Executive Officer of a $5 billion tech company HCL Group!

6. Pia SinghShe serves as the Chairman of DLF Retail Developers Ltd. She serves as Vice Chairman of Skills Academy Private Limited. She also learned film making at New York University!

7. Ashni BiyaniDaughter of Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani, Ashni was the first woman to enter into family business.
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8. Akshata MurthyAkshata Murthy is the daughter of Narayan Murthy, the Indian businessman and billionaire. Akshata has a 1.4% stake in the family business.

9. Vanisha Bhatia In the year 2007, she was on the top of the list of daughters of the world’s richest people in Forbes. Vanisha married Amit Bhatia in 2004.

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