10 Highly Cursed Objects, You Should Never Think Of Bringing Home


Supernatural Things exists or not is a matter of huge debate. You may believe it or not, but one thing is very clear, you can’t ignore it. You may have heard stories from your friends or colleagues about some supernatural stuff. There are some very popular horror films, which also deals with these things. With so many evidence, even some biggest critics have started to think about these events. We are going to look into some of 10 most cursed objects, you should never bring them to your home.

1. ‘The Hands Resist Him’ Painting

Bill Stoneham painted this photography into a painting, where kids and a neighbor girl can be seen. He claims that the painting was haunted, as it caused the death of 3 people associated with it. After getting inspired by his wife poetry which deals with his struggle as an adopted child, he created this painting. People owning this painting have claimed to see the kids crawling out of the picture into the real world. Currently, it is in the storage pocket in Smith’s gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2. Robert the Doll

The story behind this doll started, when the Otto family mistreated the nurse, who used to take care of their son Robert. They caught the nurse practicing the black magic. Before leaving Robert, she gave him a 3ft tall doll. The doll was believed to have buttons for the eyes, human hair and filled with straw. Robert was obsessed with the doll, as he used to take it everywhere. He even used to dress the doll like him. Pretty soon Robert started asking to be addressed by his middle name Gene, as he claimed that Robert was the name of his doll. Finally, the doll was taken away from him. Years after, Gene found the doll placed in the attic of the house. He again started getting close to him, as he was in his childhood days. These incidents drove his wife to insanity and even death. Gene also died pretty soon. Robert The doll is currently at the East Martello Museum in Key West.

3. Annabelle Doll

Annabelle Doll is very famous, all thanks to some of the most famous horror films like The Conjuring and Annabelle. It is one of the evilest dolls of all time. Currently, this doll is placed in the Warren Occult Museum under a very tight security. A nursing student Donna found this Raggedy Ann antique doll and brought into her home, where she was living with another nurse named Angie. The doll started exhibiting some paranormal behaviors pretty soon. Due to some unfortunate readings through a psychic medium, they invited a demon possessed in the doll. Later they consulted a paranormal investigator, who exorcise the entire house and took the doll back.

4. The Dybbuk Box

This doll became popular after the movie, but it has been moving around on eBay for a pretty long time. It was believed to be haunted by Dybbuk (Jewish term of genie). Kevin Mannis’s Grandma bought this wine cabinet from a Polish family. According to Kevin, the box started showing unpleasant signs from day 1. When he gifted the box to his mother, he suffered a stroke and can only utter two words “hate gift”. Finally, he sold this box on eBay to Jason Huxton. Jason has since then kept it and documented all the events surrounding the box.

5. Mirror at Myrtles Plantation

This mirror is the main feature of the haunted mansion Myrtles Plantation at St. Francisville, LA. According to the story, the mirror is possessed with the spirits of the three prominent members of the Woodruff family, when they were poisoned by one of the slaves. Despite the repeated cleaning of the mirror, hand prints and drip marking always appears in the mirror.

6. Busby’s Stoop Chair

It is known as the chair of death. The chair was favorite chair of the stripper named Thomas Busby, who murdered her father-in-law for sitting on it. The chair was cursed by him saying that anyone sitting on it would die. Since then, the chair has killed every person, who sat on it ever. Currently, the chair hangs several feet above on the wall in the museum, so that no one would ever sit on it.

7. The Woman From The Lemb Statue

It is also called as the Goddess of The Death. Reportedly, the statue’s origin goes way back as 3500 BC. The statue has brought death to every family, it has ever been with. Lord Elphont was the first owner of this haunted statue. The entire family member died within six years of possession of this statue. The same incidents followed for various owners. Finally, the statue was donated to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. Even the curator responsible for handling the statue died within a year.

8. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Anna Baker fell in love with a steelworker, but her father forbade their marriage. It broke her heart. She never married in her life and died as an old maid. Later, the mansion was turned into a museum. A wedding dress was on the display in Anna’s room, which signifies the tragic event of her life. Gradually, the dress has gained the reputation of being haunted. Reportedly, the dress was seen moving within the glass case.

9. Painting of “The Anguished Man”

This painting was created by a painter, who mixed his blood with the paint. He even committed suicide after completion of the painting. Sean Robinson inherited this painting and put it in his home ignoring the protests from many. They started to see a shadow and some noises of crying and scratching. Robinson gained popularity when he posted the videotaped around The Anguished Man painting.

10. The Basano Vase

The Basano Vase was unearthed way back in 1988. This vessel came with a notice stating “Beware, this vase brings death”. Later, the vase was auctioned for a very hefty price. Since then, it has left a trail of death, wherever it goes. Eventually, police took this vase and buried it at some unknown place.

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