9 Times Ranbir Kapoor Charmed Us With His Exemplary Performances!

Being a star-kid has its own benefits and restraints. Yes, somehow it is easy for them to be in the…

Being a star-kid has its own benefits and restraints. Yes, somehow it is easy for them to be in the limelight and around paparazzi almost all the time but that certainly pressurizes them as they are required to keep up their family names and prove their mettle through their work.

And when we talk about Ranbir Kapoor, we can say he is absolutely class-apart. His phenomenal works leaves the audience mesmerized. He is a fine actor and his good looks earn him the extra bite of the cake! 😉

Ranbir has given us some extraordinary films which have been applaused by the audience and critics as well and the characters he has portrayed in them has made us fall in love with him over and over again. Today, on the handsome actor’s birthday, let us take a look at some of his outstanding performances which has captivated each one of us :

1. As Sid In Wake Up Sid : 

Ranbir played the role of a spoiled college student who was extremely fun-loving and believed in living life to its fullest. In the film, Sid learns the meaning of life from Aisha, who is an aspiring writer from Kolkata. Ranbir’s character in the movie was of a high-spirited one who will teach you how to live your life without worrying about it every moment.

2. As Prem In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani : 

The character, Prem, played by Ranbir in the film was of a sweet friend anyone would love to have. He teaches you how to be selfless and be there for your friends at all times. With no complaints and no demands, Prem warmed the cockles of our hearts! 🙂

3. As Harpreet Singh In Rocket Singh Salesman Of The
Year :

The oh-so-cute look in a turban! 😉 Haha!
Well, the charming actor played the role of Harpreet Singh in the film who was a strong, determined and honest person with his own set of values. Ranbir‘s performance in the film was highly appreciated and he won the Filmfare Award For Best Actor(Critic’s Choice) for the same. Impressive! 😉

4. As Samar in Rajneeti :

Ranbir Kapoor essayed a grey role in the film and his stony, callous and hostile character was smoking hot! Shows how versatile is the actor!

5. As Akash In Anjaana Anjaani :

Ranbir as Akash in the film gave a power-packed performance and his role shows how to accept people for who they are. Now who wouldn’t love a caring and romantic guy who would love you and understand you and be there by your side at all times?!

6. As Jordan In Rockstar :

The hurt lover-boy who ultimately becomes a rockstar is what Jordan was all about. Personally, Jordan is my favourite character played by Ranbir. The way the actor carried the personality of a rockstar and a man obsessed with his love was highly impressive.

7. As Murphy In Barfi : 

Murphy was simply endearing. He was such a darling! We are sure, you can’t agree more. Ranbir‘s portrayal as Murphy remains one of all our favourites, isn’t it?
The cute and adorable one! 🙂

8. As Bunny In Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani :

The high spirited and full of life person who believed in living his life on his own terms is what Bunny was all about. And we are sure, Ranbir must have given each one of you some serious travel and life goals through this character.

9. As Johnny In Bombay Velvet :

Ranbir‘s portrayal as Johnny will be remembered for a long time. This character was of an utterly ambitious man who would go to any extent to fulfill his desires. And Ranbir nailed it!

So, as you can see, the young and handsome actor has done complete justice to all the characters he has portrayed on the silver screen. There’s a hint of versatility in the gentleman! Don’t you think so? Well, Ranbir you are immensely talented and we love you!
Happy Birthday, Ranbir!! 🙂