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7 Things We Do Everyday Are Poison To Us

Watching Too Much TV and Mobile

Watching shows and series for hours on Netflix is dangerous to health. Yes, Netflix is great and the shows on it are the best but three hours a day doubles their risk of early death. The blood vessels stiffen which leads to cholesterol build-up with a sedentary lifestyle.


Having Snacks When Not Required

We often eat snacks when we are hungry. After eating properly we feel hungry again in sometime which is wrong. Controlling the body need is a must. It can lead to chronic overeating.


Cracking neck often.

This can lead to a stroke or serious injury. Stop doing that already. People keep doing after completing work or after waking up in the morning, it sometimes becomes a bad habit.


Biting Nails

During our Ancestors to our parents, all say we should not bite nails, it reduces our financial situation. The number of bacteria your fingers has it goes into your mouth which brings many diseases in our body.


Having Many Painkillers

Well, drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin can increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. If you have pain in your body try to do natural activity rather than having painkillers every day. Drinking water is a solution of many-body problems.


Skipping breakfast. 

Always when we get late we skip our breakfast Well, people who do not have breakfast are consuming more calories at night, in turn, making them more stressed.


Spending more money than you have.

This is easy to understand. We take a lot of stress about your credit card bills on a daily basis will only fasten the aging process.


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