5 Natural And Unique Places On Earth Where Gravity Don’t Work

Mariam October 5, 2019

The Golden Rock, Myanmar 

This golden rock is called Kyaiktiyo Pagoda and this place is important for Buddhism.  After looking at the rock, the first feeling comes in our mind that it will fall down anytime but it has been in the same position as this for more than 2500 years. This rock is a holy place because it has Buddha’s hair but women can move it. So,  women are not allowed to go near the rock there are guards sent by the authorities to take care of it.

Reverse waterfall in England

It sounds fake but it is true. There is a waterfall which flows in reverse manner which means from down to up. It is seen that the river is flowing down then it starts flowing upwards. It happens because the pressure of the wind is so strong that it forces water to flow upwards.

  The houses of mysteries, Oregon Vortex,

It is a famous tourist spot in Gold Hill, Oregon, and people keep visiting here to experience unusual things. There is a broom over here which never falls down. Balls roll even on the flat surfaces. Many people have used special devices to find out the reason for strange things but nobody has succeeded till date.

 Hoover dam, Nevada

The unique dam Hoover dam which was known as Boulder dam until 1947 and it is made on the border on two American states- Nevada and Arizona. It is an arch-shaped dam and it is 726.4 ft. tall. To see whether gravity works over there or not, a person pours down water from the bottle in the dam, instead of flowing downwards, the water flows upwards.

 Reverse waterfall in India

Just like in England, there is a reverse waterfall in India as well and it is just 3 hrs from Mumbai. It is  located in Naneghat which is close to Junnar, Pune.