12 Insane Life Hacks That Are Too Much To Handle

People have a habit of trying different things for various reasons. One of them is to make their life easier. We have come across some extraordinarily insane life hacks, which are not going to help you in daily life, but it definitely worth a look. We guarantee that you’ll have some serious laughs. Most of these life hacks might put you in trouble if you ask me honestly. Nevertheless, you should scroll down if you want to have a good time.

The basic definition of Life hacks is that it meant to help you not increase problems further. However, it would not be wrong to say that these life hacks listed below are not going to add any value to your life. We have come across life hack that requires cutting tennis balls in half to save space. This is just one, you are going to find some more funny and insensible life hacks right here:

Grill your snacks by using your laptop charger.

Use tape to use your fork as spoons, if you don’t have them.

Don’t want to buy new socks! Use the permanent marker and save money for future needs.

Use your hoodie to store snacks and eat while working or playing games.

I’m not sure if cleaning hoodie is harder to have a bowl.

Get infinite power by creating a loop from the wire.

Best way to avoid disturbance! Wear this to avoid people entering into your personal space.

Use toilet seat as dining table whenever you are watching TV.

You can use your seat belt to open the bottles.

Cut Tennis Balls in half to save space.

Magnify the screen of your phone by putting it in a glass of water.

Best way to sneak in theatres with a chocolate bar! This is how you do it!

Want to feel your baby protected and loved, keep a glove filled with beans on their back!

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