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11 unknown facts about actress Sidhika Sharma

Sidhika Sharma has been creating a huge wave on the digital space with her pictures trending on social media. An Indian actress and model, here’s presenting you 11 unknown and interesting facts about this beautiful diva.

  1. Post her education, Sidhika wished to be an air hostess or a pilot. No one except her family and close friends knew about this. However, she decided to pursue modelling and acting.

2. Sidhika is a Sagittarius by her zodiac. Her birthday is on December 19th.

  1. Sidhika is an adventure lover and loves to travel. She loves going out on long drives. Being an adventure lover, she seeks adventure in the little things she does like sometimes heading alone for a long drive in her car whenever she feels the urge to.

  1. Sidhika has acrophobia which is an extreme phobia of heights.

  1. Sidhika has close friends who are mostly guys and has very limited female friends since her childhood.

  1. Sidhika who is an extreme fitness junkie and an avid gym lover believes that fitness is key to look and feel beautiful. She does her yoga regime daily for 95 minutes a day.

  1. Sidhika considers Priyanka Chopra as an inspiration and aspires to work hard and emerge successful like her.

  1. When it comes to food, there’s no stopping for Sidhika who is a die-hard foodie. Being a Punjabi, she can never sacrifice on her love for food with Punjabi cuisine being her favourite. However, being a fitness freak, she knows how to shed those extra kilos at the gym. Incidentally, Sidhika was 80 kgs when in school. Hailing from a Punjabi family, she was chubby since childhood.

  1.     When it comes to shopping, Sidhika is a huge shopaholic and loves to shop almost every week. Her wardrobe comprises of an extensive collection of outfits.

  1.    Sidhika loves to keep herself ready at all times, be it for a casual outing or a party. She prefers everything classy and hence her outfits are all classy and not something that’s jazzy.

  1.     Sidhika is an early riser and wakes up early in the morning. However, if she decides to sleep then she can sleep the whole day to keep herself calm and feel relaxed.

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