10 Differences That Makes You Believe that South Korea is totally different from North Korea

North Korea is better known for its dictatorship qualities. It is not the place for you to visit during vacations or for an outing. The supreme leader is Kim Jong-un. But you might not be knowing for sure that there is a huge difference between North Korea and South Korea.

You might not be aware of the difference as it is not into much popularity. And that is the reason i am going to tell you the 10 major differences between South Korea and North Korea.


We get access to internet very easily through Wifi, data connection and by using it in our phones, laptops and PC. But unfortunately in North Korea it is not that easy. If you have power then only you are allowed to use the internet.The ones who use it also are restricted to some sites. And if we talk about South Korea there you can get easy access to internet to 28 megabits per second. South Korea has an advantage due to its density of population.

Freedom of press– In terms of world press freedom North Korea is at 180th position and South Korea is at 63 position.

Life expectancy

People in North Korea tends to live up to 72 years of age. In South Korea people tends to live 12 years more than in North side.

GDP– North Korea’s GDP is 12.38 Million dollars where as South Korea has GDP of 1.38 Trillion dollars.


In North Korea men serve for a decade and women up to 23 years of age. But in South Korea men can serve only up to 2 years.

Military cost

North Korea spends up to 22% of its GDP on military where as South Korea spends only up to 2.8% on military.

Height– People in North Korea are comparatively 3 inches shorter than people in South Korea.


40% People of North Korea  are below poverty line where as South Korea is experiencing economic growth.

Films– South Korea is already known for its exceptional films. Though in North Korea the films are also tied with propaganda.

Tourism – Visiting North Korea is not an easy task where as South Korea is good place to visit.

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