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You Won’t Believe How Much Kapil Sharma Charged For Contract Renewal!

Kapil Sharma and his show The Kapil Sharma Show has categorically helped Sony TV climb up the ladder in the TRP game. While there were no shows from the channel in top 10 previously, Kapil Sharma’s show has been constantly in the top 8 and at times even in top 5.

The ace comedian has now signed a new contract which makes him exclusively a Sony talent and the show will run for another year. Says a source, “Kapil’s contract has been renewed for another year. The show has been extended till 2017 end.”

And how much has Kapil charged for it? He’s dropped a bomb! “Kapil is getting a whopping Rs 110 crore for his renewed year long stint with Sony and the makers are very happy with him and his show. They didn’t mind the pocket pinch because his show is the most proftable venture for them currently and they can’t let it go.” But as for Kapil, we’re guessing he might have to pay more taxes than what he usually does!

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