YHM: Ishita and Mrs.Bhalla Pair up to reunite Bhallas


Coming episodes as we informed Raman and Ishita leave the house after Mr.Bhalla supporting Sarika not Ishita. Ishita tries to stop Raman but he tells No one cares for them any more and leaves with the kids.

Mr.Bhalla will be worried as Raman left. Raman otherside will be disturbed when Ishita tries to explain but he won’t listen when he finally breaksdown sharing his concern for his family.Not knowing all this Mrs.Bhalla will return to house only to know that Raman left the house along with Family.

Mrs.Bhalla scolds Romi and Sarika for misunderstanding Ishita and Mr.Bhalla breaksdown.She soon comes to Raman and slaps him for leaving his family and walking out and also blames Ishita for not stopping Raman.Further she tells she is dissappointed in them when Ishita sits next to Mrs.Bhalla and promises to reunite the family together.

How will Ishita and Mrs.Bhalla make families realize the importance and clear misunderstandings ?