You Will Shock To Know The Pay Scales Of Priyanka Jagga, Om Swami In Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss Season 10 is certainly one of the most entertaining one, as this time commoners even entertaining the audience in a big way. We always have a question in mind that how much the Bigg Boss contestants would be earning. Well, here we will unviel the pay scales of Bigg Boss 10 contestants.

priyanka-1 Bigg Boss is the most famous reality shows in terms of TRP in India. We are addicted to the show in a big way as the show gives us an insights of celebrities and their lives. There is always an big drama in the house and this time Swami Ji is the one holding that credit.
As per the latest report, The highest paid actors in Bigg Boss house are Bani J and Rahul Dev. Well, you will shock to know that the commoners are not getting paid in this show. They will surely get paid once they had few weeks

As per BollywoodLife reports, “The celebrities were given a signing amount, plus they are also being paid a fixed weekly remuneration. But the commoners are not being paid anything. Their pay scale will depend on the weeks they spend inside the house. But obviously, if a commoner manages to win the show, he/she will get the winning amount.”
Overall, this seems unfair that the commoners are not getting paid a single penny for their stint. We hope that their salary for the show will soon start after few weeks!

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