What! Narendra Modi Thanked Nirav Modi On Twitter, Twitter Burst Into Laughter


On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Kicked off his election campaign by launching a video with hashtag #MainBhiChowkidar on micro-blogging platform Twitter. Soon after PM’s tweet, “#MainBhiChowkidar” was trending worldwide on number one.

Basically, this campaign was started to include all the Indians and essentially telling that anyone who is doing good work and fighting corruption is also a Chowkidar as Prime Minister Modi. This campaign was a direct jibe to Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi’s “Chowkidar Chor Hai” campaign.

In an attempt to make this campaign a huge success, PM Modi asked his followers to tweet using the aforementioned tweet and join the movement. Anyone who would tweet with the #MainBhiChowkidar hashtag, he/she would get an automated thank you tweet from Modi himself. Initially, several people thought that they were getting a personal message from Prime Minister until it took a rather funny turn.

It so happened that an automated tweet from Prime Minister Modi’s tweet handle went to fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi. Yes, you read it absolutely, right! But there is a catch.

It turns out that the twitter handle that received the automated message from Prime Minister was a parody account of the wanted diamond merchant who is currently residing in London, whereas he is a wanted man in India for his Punjab National Bank Scam.

Look at the screenshot of automated thank you note that was received by Nirav Modi’s parody account from the official Twitter handle of PM Modi.

Not only this, but several other parody accounts also received this automated thank you note. Look at some selected Tweets down below:


That’s hilarious, don’t you think so?