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Watch The Video! Aamir Khan Speaks About Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan’s Cycling Picture

Recently, at the poster launch of Aamir’s movie ‘Dangal’, he shared a few more statements which were not just related to his movie. Aamir reacted to the recent picture of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan cycling together.


It is no doubt that this priceless picture became viral on the internet within no time. On the other end, people couldn’t resist seeing both the superstars mingling so close together. There are many who would be envy to see their bond growing strong again. To add more, sometimes rumors make no sense and at times, these rumors turn out to be really humorous. One of them included Aamir crying at one side for being neglected by both the stars.


Whatever be the rumors, Aamir doesn’t seem to be affected at all by their friendship. At the launch of Dangal posture, he was probed with this question if he is feeling left alone by SRK and Salman? As usual, Mr. Perfect answered it in a perfect manner by saying; “Aise thodi hai vo mera friend hai toh kisi aur ka friend nahi ho sakta? I’m very happy that Salman and Shah Rukh are spending time together and went for cycling. I’m v happy.”


This was so sweet of him. It surely created an ‘Awww’ moment in the environment. We are not sure if this was a statement made to pacify self or really an expression of happiness. His modesty took him to a different side altogether. He also stated When I see Salman or Shah Rukh enter a room aisa lagta hai a star has entered,I don’t have that quality. It feels like a waiter has entered.” Then he quickly also added, “Oh I shouldn’t have said that. Waiters also work hard.”


Now, this was being over-modest and humble from Aamir’s side, don’t you think so? Drop your comments to share what you feel about Aamir’s statement.

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