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Unknown Facts: Sonam Kapoor’s First Kiss in Movies!

by Murtaza Rangwala

Sonam Kapoor who was first seen in bikini in ‘Bewakufiyan’ was also seen kissing her co-star in the same movie. Even though this kiss has been termed as her first on-screen kiss, Sonam has done kissing scenes in her previous movies as well. Majority of the people have seen both the movie. Do you know about these movies?

  1. The Fashion Diva kissed Shahid Kapur in ‘Mausam’ which was edited in the final cut of the movie as Pankaj Kapur later thought that it was not needed.
  2. The other one in which the lady kissed was for her daddy’s production house movie ‘Aisha’. In this one it was Abhay Deol who shared the kissing scene with Sonam.

In her latest movie ‘Khoobsurat’ as well, Sonam had a kissing scene with Fawad. It seems that finally Sonam’s kissing scenes are finding some space on the big screen.

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