Twitter rift between Sushant and Rajat Kapoor a while back

Sushant’s death has unfolded many dark secrets of the industry. Ever since Sushant has committed suicide several conversation of the past with Sushant have been surfacing. It is clearly visible form most of these bruised the late actor mentally to a great extent.

The Twitter Rift

Recently one such demoralizing Tweet by the Kapoor and Son’s actor Rajat Kapoor has come up. The actor took to Twitter to criticize the looks of Sushant in the movie MS Dhoni. Rajat took a dig at Sushant saying that the real Dhoni looks much better than Sushant.

Here’s what he wrote:-
Dhoni looks so much better than the actor who plays him..#fact”

However, Rajat faced severe backlash from the angry Sushant fans who condemned him to a great extent. The reactions of the fans clearly proved their love for Sushant. Below are few Twitter reactions of the exasperated fans:-

Twitter rift

Rajat kapoor on twitterThe Tweet soon grabbed the attention of the late actor who was quick enough to come up with an amazing and submissive reply to the same. Here’s what he wrote:-
I Slogged a bit extra on my skills to compensate. If you get interested in that,pls do watch the film sir:) #fact.”

Sushant'sreaction on twitter

Rajat soon realised the big mistake that he had made and was astonished by Sushant’s performance in the movie. He was appaled by the responses of his fans. Here’s what he replied

“@itsSSR :))) I believe your performance is fab in the film.. and maan, your fan following is huge!! Best wishes, Sushant.”

Rajat kapoor reacts to sushant
The humble nature that Sushant possessed, he quickly appreciated Rajat Kapoor’s acting skills in Kapoor and Son’s. Check out his response:-

They are not my fans sir , I don’t have many. They just like good films:) Ps.- You were really good in ‘Kapoor &sons’.”

 replies on rajat

Sushant’s performance in MS Dhoni was scintillating and received lots of love from the audiences.

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