Twinkle Khanna Reveals A Secret Story of Aarav That Will leave You In Splits

Twinkle Khanna has a very brief career in Bollywood and now she is away from the films medium. Though she had a big debut in Bollywood with Barsaat alongside with Bobby Deol in 1995 but she didn’t work for long. At latest, Twinkle’s son Aarav finds a preety annoying reason to tease her mom and the whole story is too funny.


In the latest interview to NDTV, Twinkle Khanna has shared this latest story that will leave you in splits. She said, “Lately, my son has started doing a nasty thing, where he keeps replaying this one scene he’s got on YouTube, where I’m apparently kissing some man’s nipple. And he keeps showing me this again and again and he keeps making these jokes! And yeah, so, I actually think I should, I don’t know, blind myself or blind him. I’m not sure which!”


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