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Bigg Boss 11: Here Is Truth Behind Arshi Khan SHOCKING Revelation About Her Grandfather And Her Real Age!

Arshi Khan is arguably most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 11. The lady has been making lots of headlines inside as well as outside BB11 house. Most of the people always searched on the internet to know more about whatever she does in the show. We must have to give it to her, as she has come as one of the most honest and clean people of this season.

However, this time Arshi Khan has angered her family member. Her family members are very unhappy with a statement made by her on the show. On national television, Arshi called her grandfather characterless and further added that he had 18 wives. Now, her family members living in Bhopal has given an interview to a news portal Dainik and cleared the air about her grandfather and her real age.

Talking about her grandfather, her father Armaan Khan said that his father passed away in 1945 when she was just four years old. He further said that his father married only twice, but he has never spoken to Arshi about him. He also said that his father Suleman Khan was a jailer at the Bhopal’s Central Jail.

Arshi’s mother Nadra said that she should not have brought family’s name just for publicity. Talking about her real age, she said that she is closed to 32, not 27. Her mother further added that Arshi joined Mayo Medical College, Bhopal, where her year of birth is 1987. They also said that they were not from Afghanistan, they hail from Jahangirabad, Bhopal.

Arshi Khan’s past has always been the hot topic of discussion in the BB11 house. Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma have slut-shamed her on several occasions. However, she has got a huge fan following. People have started to like her.

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