Travel magnate Nivedith Gajapathy aka MacroTraveller becomes Bollywood’s most wanted

Nivedith Gajapathy, this globetrotter loves swinging places to places nationally and internationally. He is much experienced in the travelling industry…

team filmymantra October 16, 2019

Nivedith Gajapathy, this globetrotter loves swinging places to places nationally and internationally. He is much experienced in the travelling industry and shares his experiences and knowledge on his blog naming ‘Macro traveller’

Nivedith Gajapathy an Indian travel, food and lifestyle blogger has left millions awestruck with his amazeballs travel and delicacies content. Travel and food being a masses subject Nivedith always had ‘a thing’ for travelling. Touring being his deepest desire, Nivedith found his love for travelling while visiting a place in India with his family which made him realise the true purpose and his passion. There is no looking back there after.

Gajapathy with his extravagant travel stories and food lust has positioned him well enough in the blogging world making him a recommended name for one in need to refer about places across the globe. He no doubt is a self made wander magnate and has proved himself in the blogging world with his gratified content. Nivedith’s blogging site is considered to be one of the fastest growing blog, reaching the mass, making him a well renowned name in the blogging world. His wander and cuisine subject is a treat for the blogger having a same forte. Apart from wanderlust Nivedith is a major foodie. His mouth watering content catches immediate attention for appetite lovers.

Surely! Their might be ace celebs who would love to play a vital role and be a part of this extraordinary journey which is never ending surprising people of how one’s travel desire can inspire a whole country who would love to persuade their career and passion at the same time.

Nivedith’s blog ‘Macro Traveller is recommended for every person in the business. With his booming skills and powerful social media techs. Macro Traveller leads in recommending one about their desired destination engulfing thorough knowledge about the place and stay.

Nivedith Gajapathy being a travel bug, has visited a number of places like Mauritius, Macao, Scotland, Singapore, USA, Australia Srilanka and many more and is extremely passionate about his work taking travelling pretty seriously.

It would also surprise his followers to know that Nivedith has major interest in photography. His photography skills can be witnessed in his pictures having a unique talent of portraying a shack or a palace, a fine dine delicacy or a street food, a high end country visit or a simple road trip in a profound way making his blog ‘Macro traveller’ reach the moons.

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Nivedith’s story caught the eyes of various b’town directors and producers who are willing to make a biopic on him. His travel stories and food facets attracted a number of bollywood biggies who would love to invest in the portrayal of his journey from place to place and are working on the script preparing about the same.