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Top New Facts About Salman Khan Will Make You Dislike Him

Salman Khan – the Bollywood heartthrob! He is one of the most famous guys in the Bollywood industry doing amazing work in his field. But is he really an awesome personality or as innocent as he appears or maybe he is a bad boy? These facts about Salman Khan might make you dislike him, at least a little.

Disclaimer: we are definitely not Salman Khan haters, but we don’t hesitate exposing some of his weaknesses. We do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, thus we advise to read on at your own risk.

A totally flop boyfriend.

You must be aware of his almost uncountable love affairs. He has been into relationship with pretty many actresses, models and popular faces.But, in spite of so many affairs, he is still unmarried and single. Ever wondered why? He was even dumped by Aishwarya and Katrina.

If he were a good partner then why would girls dump a rich and famous personality like our Mr. Khan, or better known as ‘Sallu’?  Besides being violent towards his girlfriends, he offers them nothing but zero. He gives no emotional fidelity to his relationships.

This superstar is actually flop in reality. He fails to cultivate meaningful relationships based on love, trust and mutual respect.In any case, neglecting such an expansive number of endeavors, he is still unmarried and single. Ever considered why? He was even dumped by Aishwarya and Katrina.

If he were a nice associate then why would youngsters dump a rich and famous character like our Mr. Khan, or overall called ‘Sallu’? Other than being unpleasant towards his better parts, he offers them just zero. He gives no excited consistency to his associations.

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