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Top 7 Sanskari Bahus of TV serials caught smoking with a Swag

The Sanskaari Bahus of Indian TV, are loved, adored and admired for the kind of the roles they play on screen. Donning traditional outfits and possessing a girl next door persona, these actresses portray ideal daughter-in-laws in the reel life, and the audience falls in love with the avatar they pull off on their professional front.

But as they say, ‘what you see is not necessarily true’, similarly the kind of role these actresses play on small screen is not necessarily the reflection of the kind of person they are in real life.

These actresses who depict Sundar-Sushil Bahus on TV, are completely different in real life. In their life off screen, TV actresses are hot chics who believe in leading an ultra modern life and partying hard.

Today, we have brought here some pictures of these Sanskari Bahus when they were spotted puffing on a cigarette.

  1. Sara Khan

She was considered as the most innocent actress when she made her debut on Indian TV. She is a party animal.

Sara is quite candid about her personal life. You can easily explore many pictures on the web, where you will find Sara smoking and boozing in various parties.

  1. Kamya Punjabi

Kamya Panjabi, the most popular TV actress among the audience who is known for her acting skills and also for being a pretty Punjabi kudi, is also a smoker.

She was seen smoking on various occasions, and we have a proof.

  1. Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna, known as Indian TV’s most ravishing actress, created a buzz after she smooched her beau Upen Patel inside Bigg Boss House. Kissing Upen on world television fetched a lot of criticism for Karishma.

But she was more criticised when her habit of smoking came into the limelight during the show. If sources are to be believed Karishma loves smoking and even carries a packet of cigarettes in her handbag.

4. Sumona Chakravarty

Sumona Chakravarty aka Manju Sharma who became a household name after she played Manju Sharma i.e. Kapil Sharma’s wife on the very popular comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show. We came to know that Sumona is also fond of smoking when we saw this picture of Sumona.

When somebody secretly captured her and this is how this picture of Sumona smoking a cigarette went viral.

  1. Shweta Salve

The dusky siren of Indian TV, who is known as a great actress and loved for her sensuous look. Shweta made it to the headlines after she was caught smoking.


  1. Achint Kaur

Achint Kaur is a famous TV actress and has played a few cameos in some Bollywood movies too, and has played a few cameos in some Bollywood movies too.

She is very popular for her negative roles in the TV industry. She likes to smoke her stress out and enjoy herself.

  1. Rupa Ganguly

Rupa Ganguly is a famous TV actress turned politician. She has been spotted smoking on camera many times and she is quite cool about it. She does not mind smoking in public.

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