This Dog Sings Keertan At The Temple In Now-Viral Video, You Can’t Miss The Video


Dog’s videos always make me happy. From their cuteness to love for the owner, the beautiful canines are the best buddy for anyone. They always make our day no matter what’s the mood. However, what we got today is simply amazing. Literally, who would have thought that a dog would sing bhajan along with other devotees?

Currently, a video is going viral on the social media that shows a bunch of devotees doing keertan. As they were busy singing Bhajan, the dog also added some of its own music with an elongated howl. Yes, you read it absolutely, right!

The dog who sang the keertan is owned by a friend of the man who shared the video on Facebook. Sharing the video, the man added that this dog visits the temple every Thursday and takes part in the keertan. The dog also gets his share of Prasad at the temple.

Sharing the video, the man captioned, “This devoted dog belongs to my friend’s factory. Every Thursday night, without fail, walk to the temple next door and join the keertan. Then he has his share of Prasad and jogs at home. Every Thursday!”

Watch The Video:

As expected, Twitter is loving this heartwarming mashup of man and dog that too on keertan. Look at some of the amazing comments down below:











We are still smiling and hope you are doing the same?