8 Reasons Why You Don ‘ t Need A College Degree To Make Money

We all go to school, focus on our studies, do all your school tasks, get the degree, get a good job and take care of business. Being independent is something that we spend years imagining. We all know that there are always two side for every story. Bollywood movies show how much efforts and struggle is there to actually get in one. We take so much of our time and effort to get a degree and we don’t even get us a good job.

Here are 8 reason why you don’t need a college degree to make money:

  1. Skill Based India

We are running ahead of our time and India is titling as Skill India. Now the time has finally come for the artists, liberals and Independent businessmen.

  1. More Start Ups

People are becoming innovative and brilliants ideas in every spectrum of life. Be it simple softwares, games and media companies etc.

5. Start earning early.

You can actually get time to try out new and different things and start shaping your works with your own skills.

  1. No relevance in practical life.

The knowledge we get in college wont help us get through life. Technical will not get us through the time when boss scream’s just because he feels like.

  1. Brand name.

It is a brand mark from where did you pass. How much does your degree value in the market, even if you just barely passed it.

  1. No educational debt.

We don’t the exact yearly amount we paid in our college. It can be one lack or more than that. The middle class family take loan to educate their children, thinking they will get a paying job later.

  1. Corporate hog conversion.

Monotony will come into life at the Age of 22. A 9 to 5 job will suck your life out it.

  1. Bye-bye to dreams.

You can travel around the world or go on a long vacations and make friends

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