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Lok Sabha Election 2019 To Be Election Of Women Of India

We count the number of voters to analyse the number of people who are voting for the first time. We never thought of the ratio between men and women in the world’s greatest democracy.

As women are considered as the marginalized portion of the society, it would be a great win for India as a nation when women participate in election. Though they are those silent supporting pillars, carrying the society forward. Though woman can vote and voice their opinion on the same but the numbers were never that great, but now according to a book, we are about to make history.

Lok Sabha elections there has been nearly a 20 percent increase in women’s turnout versus only a five percent increase in men’s turnout.

Both women and men is almost the same. Women’s turnout has now overtaken men’s turnout. Women voters had a 71 percent turnout versus 70 percent for men.

The book ‘Verdict’ written by Prannoy Roy and Dorab R Sopariwala, seeks to address the need for a detached assessment of almost seven decades of elections,  their evolution, their enormity of their scale and their astonishing complexity.

‘India is now going through what can be called a ‘Fifty: Fifty Era’. Governments have 50:50 chance of being re-elected. Governments that perform are voted back. Those that do not deliver are voted out. The angry voter has given way to a wiser, more mature voter.’

‘Fifty: Fifty era’ marks a “sea change in India’s electorial history, which has had three major turning points: pro-incumbency (1952-1977), anti- incumbency (1977-2002) and fifty: fifty (2002–2019)’.

The focus will be on women of the villages, though 2019 is going to witness the most complex and important election of the decade.

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