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Ranbir’s Real Life Tamasha, Gets furious On Photojournalist

Ranbir Kapoor, who was lately in the news for the break-up with Katrina Kaif, is still didn’t find the comfort zone yet. He is still juggling in both personal and professional life. Moreover on that he is upset with the Media paparazzi who is still following his every move in real life. Lately, Ranbir was so infuriated with one of the media photographers that he even took his mobile.


Ranbir is going through a low phase in his life. If you remember his film ‘Wake up Sid’ where he plays a role of lazy lad who has no tension for his future, but only later his eyes opens to the real life situations. This is what he is currently going on in Junior Kapoor’s life. He had reached the top notch actor’s category at the very early age of his film career. He couldn’t able to sustain the level of fame.

Since his relationship with Katrina started brewing, his films started meeting with the loss. With no big hit in the last three years, he is really facing ground now. Though he has gain some  momentum with an average hit ‘Tamasha’ but seems like he is still in pain. Yes, you can compare his real life pain with his own ‘Rockstar’ character. Nothing is going on the right track for the actor.


Ranbir is frustrated with the kind of attention media is giving to him. He is still not happy with the paparazzi followers who follows him every time. At latest, Ranbir got so angry with one of the media photographer that he even took his mobile. According to a report published in Spotboye. It says, “I am perplexed that despite our best efforts to hide our whereabouts, I am followed almost every day. I have a personal life and I request you to ignore me. I have seen the media waiting even outside my family doctor’s clinic. Please end this.”


The report further says that after taking the mobile he went to his friend Ayan Mukerji’s house and around 3 am he called the helpless photographer to give some real piece of advice. This is not the first time, Ranbir has done such a thing. last year also he had taken away the video camera from the video Journalist who was capturing his whereabouts in the night.

Well, we just wish the actor to be calm down and go with the flow of life.

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