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Swara Bhasker talks about her choices of films in Bollywood!

Swara Bhasker, who is currently the talk of the town due to the recent release of her web series It’s Not That Simple’s season 2! The lady has been shown as an ambitious working woman who faces ups and downs in her professional and personal lives and is heads up to deal with it! Swara Bhasker has been very selective about the movies she has done in Bollywood and talking about her being this selective, here’s what the actress says about her choices of film!

Talking about her choices of film, Swara Bhasker said, Even when I was struggling, in my early days, I’ve never done work which I didn’t want to do or done something just for the money. Maybe occasionally there was a judgement of error, a particular script which looked nice but didn’t turn out well. But as actors, when we die, we are only going to leave behind our body of work. I really don’t want to be embarrassed in my grave. I don’t want people to say ‘oh what has she done.’ I’m very careful about what I choose.”

“I think ‘Veere’ furthers the feminist cause in a very roundabout way, by showing four girls in all their flaws, doing their own thing. It’s giving space to women for making mistakes, mess up and figure out themselves,” Swara says.

Swara has more dominantly been seen in movies that are more of feminist movies showing up the empowerment women are getting these days! She says, “I had lots of fights with the director. I was like ‘what is she up to, she’s such a mess’ and he used to say it’s ok, she’s struggling, why can’t a woman be confused and make mistakes. In doing this, despite me being this great progressive liberal, I am still judging this woman. I was judging my own character. Which is why I feel it was a very humbling experience. If a part you play makes you reassess some of your own thoughts, it means you’re leading as a person.”

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