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Swami Om Now Claims That Shilpa Shinde Won Bigg Boss 11 Because Of Him

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Swami Om is back in the news once again. It would not be wrong to say that Baba Om was the most hated contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10. He had done something, which no one would have ever expected from anyone. From stripping in the house to sprinkling blood and urine on housemates, he had done everything. After seeing the self-proclaimed Godman on Bigg Boss 10, one became pretty sure that one can stoop to any level in order to get fame.

It is often seen that people leave everything behind after leaving Bigg Boss 11 house, but same can’t be said about Swami Om. His behavior remained same even after he got evicted from the house. There is a video on the internet, which shows him as a chief guest. In fact, they made him a chief guest, so that they could beat him. This is the amount of hatred he has received from the viewers.

Swami Om

Nevertheless, he is back. This time, the self-proclaimed Baba has claimed that Shilpa Shinde won Bigg Boss 11 because of him. Don’t believe us, watch the video down below:

Om Swami claims that Shilpa is her ‘dharmputri’ and he was the one who cajoled her to participate on Bigg Boss 11. It is literally the height of delusional! We wonder what he takes!

It shows how one wants to cash in the popularity of Shilpa Shinde after she won the Bigg Boss 11.

Wonder how Shilpa would react!

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