Suhana Khan gets the most adorable note from Abram

The Baadhsah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan definitely has one of the finest and most lovable family. His daughter Suhana Khan rang in her 20th birthday on May 23, 2020. The alluring young lady had her herself flooded with birthday wishes from her fans, friends and family. But her favourite one of all was the one that came from her baby brother Abram.

Suhana shared a hand written note on Instagram which she received from Abram. The picture clearly shows how much the baby brother adores his elder sister. The little one wished her sister happy birthday and worte the sweetest message ever. Abram wrote,

Happy birthday, you’re the best sister in the world. Love you!”
That’s the card that Abram sent to Suhana:

Happy birthday suhana
Given the current lockdown scene all across the world, the princess of Bollywood could not step out of the house to celebrate her birthday. Suhana missed on on going for a party with her friends and getting all dressed up. So much so that she got all decked up in a gorgeous gown, groomed herself with makeup and did a photoshoot at home! Suhana looked diaphanous and fine in the beautiful one piece.
She captioned it , “I’m gonna be 30 in ten years.”
Here are the pictures of her shoot:-

Shahrukh has often shared the likeness that Suhana has towards acting. However, like every dad ever, King Khan too feels the need for her to get a degree first. He is a super supportive father and would let his daughter set her career path in her own way. The actor said in an interview,

“Suhana wants to be an actress. I see that zeal in her. She’s extremely good on stage, I’ve seen her performances. But my point is simple — you need to complete your education before doing anything. That’s the only thing I have told my children. Otherwise, they are free to be in the film industry, not be in it and do whatever they like. I will be supportive of whatever they want to do.”

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