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Stormy Clouds Again Hit Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Ajaz Khan As a Model Files an FIR against Him

It’s not new when allegations have been imposed on Ajaz for his behavioral issues. The storm has hit him again while a model, Aishwarya Choubey files a complaint against Ajaz for sending her vulgar messages and obscene photo. The Fir was registered on Tuesday, at Versova Police Station, Mumbai. The FIR stated that Khan sent her an unacceptable photo, which was deleted by her out of her concern regarding her image.


There are pictures uploaded about the chat exchanged on the other news media channels. Aishwarya has also accused Ajaz on exchanging vulgur messages on Whatsapp, despite her treating him nicely. Later, it was also revealed that Aishwarya responded to him with the objective of exposing him in public. Although, Ajaz has been summoned by the Versova Police Station, he has not been arrested so far.


Ajaz has been there in the limelight ever since he hit the Bigg Boss 8 show. Several fights have been evident on screen between Ajaz Khan and Alu Quli Mirza. Despite, many warnings given by Big Boss that no contestant is allowed to get physical with anyone on the show, Ajaz was the first contestant to break the barriers and rules. Big Boss finally decided to take off Ajaz Khan from the show in question to his behavioral issue.


We hope that this complain may bring some decency in Ajaz’s behavior and he will try to improve himself for the sake of his public image. Ajaz has been a good actor in movies, but a bad image in the eyes of public. If he continues with this behavior, things would be difficult for him to survive in the Bollywood industry. Everyone respects their privacy and image; we wish Ajaz all the best for another challenging period of his career.

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