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Has Sridevi Undergone Plastic Surgery

Hollywood is not the only place where plastic surgery has become the norm. Even Bollywood actresses have finally embraced this art of beauty. The list of Bollywood actresses who have gone under the knife is getting longer and Sridevi is top on this list. It is speculated that Sridevi is among the pioneers of Bollywood plastic surgery. Like most women over forty, it is speculated that the star actress has indulged in the anti aging surgical procedures. Sridevi does look too young for her age; however the question is whether or not this is due to plastic surgery. While some celebrities are victims of malicious plastic surgery speculations, others are not. It is not always that young looking celebrities have had the skin rejuvenation procedures but most celebrities are not a case of good genes either. Sridevi plastic surgery speculations suggest that the acting sensation is not a natural graceful ager.


Graceful Aging or Plastic Surgery?

In accordance with her after photos, Sridevi appears to be aging gracefully. Unlike women of her age, her skin appears rejuvenated. She is free of wrinkles and sagging skin. Her eyes do not have the usual bags that contain fat deposits. Sridevi looks younger than her age. Her controversial apparent graceful aging techniques have been the topic of heated discussion on social media sites. It is speculated that pretty faced Sridevi has had the non invasive Botox procedure. Botox procedure is adored by aging Hollywood celebrity due to its non invasive nature. However, this does not prevent celebrity bloggers from identifying Botox users especially where there is a case of over indulgence. Since Botox has a direct effect on facial muscles, over indulgence inhibits facial movement. Over indulgence also leads to a plastic appearance. Sridevi seems to exhibit the tell tale signs of Botox including a smooth and shiny face.

Is Botox the Secret behind Sridevi’s Pretty Looks? 

Sridevi has openly denied the plastic surgery speculations leveled against her. She claims that she is a graceful ager of course with the help of some proper eating and living habits. She even goes ahead to advice women her age to adopt some of her proper habits instead of turning to plastic surgery. Yoga, tennis and what she calls a systematic lifestyle are among the actresses’ proper living habits. On top of all this, she claims to take good care of herself by eating a proper diet that is rid of too much fat. She argues that stress is a contributor to aging and her stress free life is the source of her rejuvenated radiant and wrinkle free skin. As you can see, Sridevi argues that the aging process can be reversed naturally. However, not every speculator believes these claims. Those who deny these claims are of the idea that most celebrities refuse to openly admit having had any surgical procedure.

What is the result of Sridevi Plastic Surgery? 

Just like the truth in the plastic surgery speculations is controversial, so is the result of the plastic surgery. Basically, when you look at her after photos, there is nothing particularly wrong with her plastic surgery, the Botox procedure seems to have been administered with caution but the result is claimed to having eaten into some part of her beauty. It is like the star won in her attempt to reverse old age but lost in her attempt to stick to her original beauty. Most of her fans argue that she looked better without the Botox and would probably have looked better in wrinkles than in her Botox lined face. Sridevi plastic surgery speculations still trend on the social media sites despite her denying these claims. It is reduced to a matter of personal opinion after a comparison of her before and after photos.



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