Shocking Transforrmation After 23 Arrest in 10 Years

Shocking Transforrmation After 23 Arrest in 10 Years

This women name is Sarah Wulchak. She was arrested 23 times in 10 years, hers  transformation is really shocking when you see that. She was just 22 years old when she was arrested first time in 2003. She was a pretty girl.

1. Sarah Wulchak’s First Photo in 2003

She was just 22 years old was arrested in 2003 in Florida. After biting off a chunk of her boyfriend’s left ear during a fight. She looks like a drug addicted patient. But still looking better them rest images.

2. Sarah Wulchak’s 2nd Photo in 2005

After only two years looks much different than what she was looks  like in 2003.

3. Sarah Wulchak’s 3rd Photo in 2007

She looking a woman in the age of 26 years. After the small period of 4 years she transfer in a woman to a girl. She seems like 40 years old in this age.

4. Sarah Wulchak’s 4th Photo in 2008

Above Image was taken after 5 years of her’s first mugshot and she looking completely different personality after 5 years. This we can called human fastest transformation.

Amazing Transformation of Her in a Frame of Six Photos

A normal women change or transform in few years but Sarah transformed completely in one year. She was definitely drug addicted or may she was abused very badly. This is completely shocking how fast she was transforming his faces and physic. I never see any human being who is transforming so fast like her. Her first mugshot were taken in January 2013 and last mugshot were taken in December 2013.

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