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Shilpa Shinde banned from TV Industry for Lifetime

Television actress Shilpa Shinde, who was really popular playing the female lead as Angoori Bhabhi in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hai’ show, is the talk of the town now. As per the latest reports, she is banned from the television industry due to her unprofessional behaviour.

It all started a month back when Shilpa Shinde pointed allegation on the TV serial producer of harassing her on the sets. On the contrary, Production house has sent her a legal notice for false accusations. So finally the matter went to Cine and TV Artistes Association, who found Shilpa’s behavior as an unprofessional and issued a non-cooperative directive against her. The non-cooperation directive means that no producer or broadcaster can work with that actor anymore.


Amit Behl, Chairperson Dispute Committee of CINTAA said, “We cannot understand Shilpa at all. We tried to reason with her, but she is only out to defy us. We tackled the whole issue very patiently. It has been more than a month now, and we had no choice but to finally issue a Non-Cooperative directive against her. Shilpa has been extremely unprofessional, to say the least”


With the way CINTAA replied on the issue related to Shilpa, it is clear that Shilpa was the one who had to be blamed for the whole matter. ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hai’ serial was actually going really well at the TRP’s race, but this sudden brawl has affected the serial badly. It was Shilpa Shinde’s brilliant performance, who single-handedly carried the serial to the top in just a few months of time. The serial which also star Aashif Sheikh, Saumya Tandon, and Rohitash Gaud.

Shilpa Shinde might not get another chance to work again in Television, but her superb acting as Angoori Bhabhi will remain etched in every fans mind.

Shilpa Shinde as Koel Narayan in Chidiya Ghar

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