Salman Khan to get whopping INR 250 crore for ‘Bigg Boss 14’!

We all know how much the audience is crazy for the Indian celebrity reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. The popularity of the show could be understood as the last episode had shattered all the television records and had become one of the most TRP grossing television show. But what contributes to its popularity isn’t just the amazing content and tasks, but the face of the show, ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan, who alone can make any project hit. Well, we all know the love and affection Salman gets by his fans but do you know how much fee is the actor charging for hosting the upcoming season of Bigg Boss?

As per buzz in the B’town, Salman is all set to host the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and has shot multiple promos of the show which will go on air soon but the fee amount will be soaring to the sky. Yes! Salman will be charging a whopping amount of INR 250 crores for the entire show that is the amount per day of shoot will be Rs. 20.50 crore. Unbelievable reall!!

According to a source, “Salman Khan is the highest-paid actor on the small screen and for season 14, he is being paid Rs 250 crore. The actor will be shooting once a week, two episodes a day, for 12 weeks and the amount per day of shoot is as high as Rs. 20.50 crore, which averages to Rs. 10.25 crore per episode. Like every year, it’s a blanket deal with Salman, which also requires him to be present at certain award shows of the television channel.”

The show was initially scheduled to go on air from September, but the dates have been pushed a little. “The house is being constructed at Filmcity in Mumbai however the rains are acting as a major disruption in getting things started. Once the Mumbai rains subside, the set will be built in totality to get the show in action. It’s expected to go on air by mid-October,” the source shares further.

Meanwhile, the creative team of this hit reality show, has made new parameters for this all-new season in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. In ‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestants will be required to maintain social distancing, and hygiene. In this all-new season, even the eviction could be done on the bases of fever or any illness.

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