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Rustom will leave people thinking: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar says his next movie Rustom based on the sensational K.M. Nanavati case of a Mumbai naval officer will make the audience think about the country’s legal system.

Speaking about the excellent response which the trailers of Rustom has generated, Akshay said, “Gratitude is my biggest response, “So far the response has been mirrored to my own emotions and that is one of the greatest feelings an actor can experience, a shared passion about one’s choices of projects is just so humbling that it makes you want to hug all your fans and thank them for sharing their eagerness in your work.

On being asked, how difficult was it for him to portray a man who loves his country and wife but is accused of murder by the law, Akshay replied, “It was so thrilling for me to portray such a character, one who has nothing but love and patriotism in his heart. But a crime is a crime… This film will leave you thinking twice about the legal system, the action of mankind and the ability to do the right thing at the right time.”

“It’s one of those films that people will argue about on their way out of the theatres, questioning each other on what they would do, given the same circumstances and what would they have done if they were on ‘that jury’.”

 Talking about his back to back hits like Airlift and then Housefull 3, the actor said, “Airlift made me feel proud to be Indian. As for Housefull 3, I love the fact that one of my favourite franchises can still bring so much laughter to the crowds, people let their hair down and let out whoops of laughter in the theatres. It’s the heartiest feeling in the world. What better feeling than to make people happy?”

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