“Ant-man” Adds Another Hit To Marvel Superhero List

Ant Man, a movie from Marvel productions which released yesterday was expected to be very similar to other movies like ‘Avengers’, ‘Captain America’ or ‘Iron Man’ series, which were also the babies of Marvel Productions. Marvel fans also feared the release on ‘Age of Ultron’ because of the similar genre which would have given a tough competition. But to our surprise, Ant man goes opposite to the usual ‘Fight-introduction of the protagonists-Villains supported by special VFX-a city being destroyed at the end’ sequence of marvel’s movies.


Ant Man is a movie which is sprinkled with humour and manipulation with Paul Rudd delivering the lines just the way it should be. Marvel productions has definitely maintained its familiar aspects in the movie like a villain who has powers similar to those of the hero, the “End of the World’ situation and the Hero who acts as a savior, but at the same time, it does not make the audience lose their track from the original plot of the movie which is of a father trying to connect with his daughter. Surprising, unlike any other Marvel film where the main plot of the film is mostly action and the never ending special effects, this film does not divert much from the father-daughter plot. If you are wondering that this plot is going to turn the movie into an emotional drama, you are wrong. It is going to be a riot of laughter too.

With Marvel fans bored of the similar story being repeated in every film, is simple yet funny and exciting character like Ant Man was something which audience needed.