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Richa Chadda Will Never Do A Supporting Role After Sarbjit! Find Out Why

Bollywood actress Richa Chadda is not so happy with her latest release ‘Sarbjit’ movie. Though the film was met wet a good response with the audience but for Richa is was somewhat like a frustrating experience. The reason is some of her most important scenes were chopped off from the intense Biopic film.


In the movie ‘Sarbjit’, Richa Chadda essayed the role of Sarabjit wife, who struggled hard to find out his lost husband. The film was intensely emotional but the makers thought the length of the movie is much longer than expected. That’s the reason why many of her scenes were axed.


When asked about the same to Richa, she said, “It’s not about the length of the role. It’s just that one works so hard on a film. It’s heartbreaking when some of your best scenes get sacrificed on the editing table. The one scene that I still have towards the end where I am shown bonding with Aishwarya’s character has no context since all my scenes showing my kinship with her are gone… But I shouldn’t be complaining. Every actor except Randeep Hooda had to suffer the same fate in Sarbjit, and that includes Aishwarya.”

This comes as a disappointment to Richa Chadda, who goes on to say that, she will not be a part of any supporting roles from now on. Well, this is a big statement from Richa, who is currently riding high with success in Bollywood movies. Even, Critics praised her for her intense performances in ‘Masaan’ and ‘Sarbjit’ movie.


Well, Richa Chadda must understand that film is a director’s medium and the filmmaker is always the boss of a movie. So, whatever he wants to do with the movie, he is free to do. As an actor, its performance which matters at the end and even a single scene is enough to prove your mettle in acting.


Currently, Richa has two more upcoming projects lined up ‘Aur Devdas’ and ‘Cabaret’. We just wish the best of luck for the actress for her upcoming release ‘Caberet’.

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