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Reality Show Winners Who Failed To Maintain Popularity

Rajasmita Kard4687d1fac6c363c689d0e79e865fb93She is a strong, solid, flexible and dynamic dancer. She had made her state proud by emerging as a winner of ‘DID 3’ on Zee TV. Rajasmita has impressed everyone with her dancing skills and physical strength. After winning the post popular dance reality show Rajasmita Kar simply vanished into thin air now! She has been disappeared then since.
Vipul Mehta5f90bff176770cc43cc802ed3a33a563It was a tough call- three boys, all from Punjab all excellent singers with a great audience connect. But it was Vipul Mehta from Amritsar, who bagged the ‘Indian Idol 6’ title in Mumbai. However, this guy has not been seen in this industry. This chubby Punjabi boy vanished after winning ‘Indian Idol 6’.

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