Real Life Barbie: She Went Through 100 Surgeries To Look Like Barbie!

On one side there exist a people who are afraid of single injection whereas on another side there are people who undergo 100 times under the knife to enhance the beauty. We are talking about the real life barbie- Pixee Fox.

Swedish-born Pixee Fox is a model by profession hand chose to go through 100 cosmetic surgeries or may be more to look like a barbie. Reports states that Pixee Fox spent over $120,000 on 15 surgeries. She got her SIX RIBS removed to get a 14-inch waist â€“ the only reason behind this was, she wanted to get the barbie figure. We wonder does barbie got 14-inch waist?
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She just only removed her 6 ribs to attain the 14 inch waist but also did permanent eye implants. By looking at the picture above if you think that Pixee Fox got green eyes then you are wrong. She went through an another of cosmetic surgery where she colored her eyes permanently into ‘cartoon green’.
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The living Barbie was quoted saying once, â€œI am dedicating my life to creating my own fairy tale. I see my body as a work of art, my life as a science project, and the world as my gallery”.

Well we wonder how her family allowed to go through such huge transformation. On being asked how her family reacted about her, she admitted: “I think it is hard for every parent to see your kid change and you don’t really understand why. I know my mum is a bit disappointed in me. It’s hard to see her disappointment. Especially when I have just had a new procedure done.”
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Probably last month Pixee Fox gone through another set of cosmetic surgery where she sliced her jawline to give them sharp edges. Since 2009 Pixee has documented her body modification journey online. What you have to say about this real life barbie? Comment your view below. Stay tune with more news and updates.

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