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Raees Movie Review : Nawazuddin Siddique Or Shahrukh Khan, Guess Who Stole The Show!

It was Shahrukh Khan’s turn to turn on the heat with his first time gangster act. After having played the Don, not once but twice, SRK’s gangster act had high expectations and why wouldn’t it , after all it has been a long time that the superstar has not delivered a hit. Raees was supposed to be fresh with the presence of a Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan (and we know the controversy attached to that).  With Nawazzudin Siddiqui playing the cop, there was some real drama and suspense expected from the film. Does it deliver all that? Here is a complete critical analysis of Raees. Read on.

Plot Analysis : Shahrukh plays the hot headed gangster wearing the golden rim glasses boiling with the intention of making good money. He becomes such a wealthy person that now directs himself to the good of poor people. So now know he is another Robin Hood character just like Chulbul Pandey and Devi Laal ( Dabang and Kick). Despite of similarities the film cannot be compared to the Salman Khan starrer ones as this one was intended to show lot of blood shed in riots. Yes, there are riots in Mumbai and Gujarat depicted in the movie but unfortunately the scenes fail to evoke any real emotions in the audience. There is so much drama surrounding the lead character that one fails to find any logic even in the logical scenes. Raees’s hide and seek game with the police official played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui is dramatized and hardly presents anything to the audience that can be called fresh or outstanding. The romance between Shahrukh and Mahira was supposed to be a highlight of the film as the actress’s casting in the film was the talk of the town. But the chemistry looks quite jaded and old fashioned. Infact it was reminiscent of Emraan Hashmi romancing with his girls in his gangster movies.

Performance Analyasis : Among the actors who stand out with their performances is undoubtedly Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The actor is touching new heights with his exemplary roles and charismatic presence. His essaying of the role of a cop can actually be a study in acting. Atul Kulkarni is good in his small part. Talking about Mahira Khan, perhaps there was so much hype around her that her performance appears to be marred by the expectations. Now comes King Khan who we think prefers to present himself in larger than life characters to live up to his image. He has definitely put his best foot forward being the simple guy, the gangster king and the troubled man. But it is time that SRK realizes the fact that the strength of an actor lies in presenting ordinary characters keeping his stardom aside. Last but not the least Sunny Leone adds the required masala to the show.

Music : Raees has decent songs and music but not a single will stand out from the crowd. “Zalima”, “Laila Main Laila”, “ Udi Udi Jaaye” “ Saanson Ke”, “Ghamar Ghamar” are all good songs but only in the context of the movie. 

Last word : Raees is definitely one time watch. Go without any expectations and enjoy the ride.

Star Rating: 2.5/5 

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