Purab Kohli Is Too Busy In Work?

Bollywood actor Purab Kohli is currently having a luck in his sides as his past few movie projects have done wonder for him. He is now working on two new projects back to back and that’s the reason why he hardly gets time to breath.


This year Purab’s performance as Ibrahim Durrani in ‘Airlift’ movie has received a lot of accolades. His performance was so good that he has received few other movie projects in the coming year. Right now he is busy working in for Nikhil Advani‘s TV series and also giving his time for Sunhil Sippy’s ‘Noor’. So with this packed schedule, he hardly gets time to relax.


While talking about the same he said, “When you are involved with a TV show your dates get really flooded… I always varied of this and hence stayed away from TV but Nikhil’s show was too good to resist. Now my managers are spending a lot of time discussing dates with the schedulers of the different things I’m involved with. As hectic as it sounds I’m really enjoying these projects and love the way they are tongue out… once they release and if the audience enjoys it then that will be a worth all the hard work.”


He will next be seen in ‘Rock On!! 2’, Netflix series ‘Sense8’, and ‘Noor’.

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