Puneesh Sharma Loses A Close Family Member

Currently, former Bigg Boss contestant Puneesh Sharma is going through hard times. Puneesh lost his grandmother who was very close to him. She was 94-years-old at the time of death. Puneesh took to his Instagram account to post a melancholic message. He wrote: “I have lost the most important person in my life….My Daadi. She loved me unconditionally and so did I. She lived a beautiful life and was 94 years old. She just wanted to see me happy no matter what. I will miss her and I’m sure she will too. See u on the other side daadi. I love you.🙏”

Bandagi Kalra, who is Puneesh’s girlfriend also commented on the post. On her comment, Puneesh replied, “She loved you so much.”

Talking about Puneesh and Bandagi, they met in Bigg Boss 11. Earlier they were good friends but eventually, something sparked and they fell for each other. Many people thought their closeness was due to TRP’s, but after coming out of the show their bond grew strong and are still together.
May Puneesh’s daadi’s soul rest in peace.

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