A shrill shiver runs behind my neck while I write this but can you ever imagine a pregnant man ? Well yeah, we found an Aunt Voula, from My big fat Greek wedding, in India.

The astonishing case of Sanju Bhagat who was said to be 9 months pregnant man was a shocking discovery in medical history.

Sanjay Kumar, also known as Sanju Bhagat, of Nagpur, India carried his parasitic twin for 36 years. He always felt self-conscious about his swollen belly.

One night, in June 1999, the mystery inside his big tummy was solved when his problem grew painful and serious. He was unable to breathe.

The 36 year old farmer was rushed to the hospital. The doctors suspected a big tumor inside and decided to do the required treatment and remove the thing from his stomach.

Gloves were on and the doctors were ready to start when they discovered something ‘jaw dropping’. The doctors were horrified to find a strange half-formed creature. No, I don’t mean Renesme Cullen from the twilight saga. This was real. Dr. Ajay Mehta, the doctor operating Bhagat, was confused as well as shocked to find limbs, hair, jaws and some parts of a genitalia inside a man’s belly.

Dr. Mehta says that it was a case of ‘Fetus in Fetu’, that takes place in case of twin pregnancy, where one fetus gets enveloped by the other. The dominant one grows and feeds the other one like a parasite. I’m scared now. I’m always hungry.. I hope there’s no one inside me eating up my food.

In most cases, both the twins die but this one was an unusual miracle of God. Bhagat had carried his twin for 36 years which is kinda interesting. The story reports that the finger-nails of the enveloped fetus were quite long. This indicates that it had been alive for some time after Bhagat was born.

twin was removed and the operation was successful. Funny how Bhagat never cared to know what had happened to him. He was rather happy that he’s no more ‘the man who got pregnant’ ! However, I feel sad to say that Bhagat was always mocked by the villagers as ‘the  pregnant man’, ironically it was true. But his case was something worth salutation.

Murtaza Rangwala

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