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Picture Of Salman SRK Cycling Together Will Make Your Day

Salman SRK is the hottest topic of discussion in B-town. Be it their friendship or their competition, the duo have always been the biggest new-makes of the Bollywood. They have often surprised all whenever they have met. The two rulers of Bollywood, who are often advertised as contenders by the fans surely know how to keep all that gossips aside and just be buddies and enjoy the funniest time together.

Innumerable fans of both the Khans have always been waiting to have a look of their Bhai-Bhai moment post “Karan Arjun”. The day when bot the actors patched-up their long-standing fights, their fans celebrated the day like a festival. Though, we are not so lucky to see them sharing the silver screen but we do get the opportunity to see their brotherly hugs at the social events.

Recently, the B-town missed the dearly hug of Salman SRK at the most talked Baba Siddique’s Iftaar Party. Ohh! We truly missed the most awaited; dearly hug due to the bust schedules of both the actors. While Salman Khan left the venue by the time Shahrukh arrived. But the wait seems to be over!

salman srk iftaar party

A few hours ago, SRK posted a latest picture of their meeting, in which the duo can be seeing posing the camera. SRK captioned the picture saying, “Bhai bhai on bike bike. No Pollution… bhai says “Michael la Cylcle Lal.” Well, SRK has finally decided to satiate his fans demands with hi latest Twitter post.

salman srk cycling

While looking at the picture, it seems like the duo have been cycling together early morning thereby giving out the message of stay safe from pollution as well as be fit and fine! While Salman was dressed in casual wear, SRK wore a formal look. It seems he was back from some late night shoot and started cycling early morning, that’s the spirit!

Salman SRK had been making headlines for good reasons. Seems the duo is coming pretty close to each other not just by promoting each other’s film on their social handles but also posted a dub smash video of each other’s popular songs!

The reunion of Karan-Arjun has made our day, indeed! Being a die-hard fan of Salman SRK don’t you think the Khan must keep sharing such lovely pictures often?

Let’s put a smile on face by looking at some candid moments of Salman SRK:

hot salman srk

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