Open ended plots; the new trend of Bollywood

‘Happily ever after’ movie endings are in the twilight phase. In fact movies that have open ended plots are the latest trends of Bollywood. However this trend of ending the movie with the audience wondering ‘What Next?’ proves that Indian Cinema is evolving. Here are few movies in the recent times that have ended creating a sense of incompleteness in the minds of the people.

1. Lunchbox-

This movie is the perfect example of open ended plot. The movie keeps the viewers wondering whether or not Mr. Fernandes and Ila met each other in Mumbai or Bhutan. Whatever might be the fact, the ending is happy as both of them are able to move on and become happy once again.

2. Badlapur-

Despite having his revenge, Raghu is seen to be silent. His conversation with Jhimloi plays a very important role in the movie because Jhimli made him realize that Raghu got a second chance whereas Liak didn’t. life does not give second chances to everyone. Raghu must use the chance that he has got.

3. Go Goa Gone-

5 people are the only normal people left on an island of Goa. Rest of the people has been infected by zombie virus. In the climax it is seen that when the group reaches the mainland, the virus has affected the people there also so they team up and the movie ends saying ‘the end is near’, leaving the option for a sequel.

4. Piku-

A perfect movie that has won the hearts of all the viewers and mostly Bengalis. Through the movie a sense of affection develops between Rana and Piku. Just when Piku asks if Rana would like to marry her considering her conditions, Rana says in Bengali that he is not crazy. Again when Rana was leaving, he said that he would call her. The movie ends with the scene where Both are seen playing badminton. This puts the audience into a dilemma as to whether they will marry each other or not.

5. Dil Dhadakne Do-

With lots of expectations and probabilities in the minds of the viewers, Dil Dhadakne Do ends with quite a few questions remaining unanswered. Does the end of the movie mark the start of happiness of the Mehra family? Does Ayesha and Sunny end up being together? Is Kabir arrested for braking the rules of the ship?

6. Dev. D-

Anurag Kashyap had been responsible for creating a sense of hollowness in the minds of the audience. Similarly in his movie of Dev. D, the modern-day take on Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devdas the journey of heart-broken Dev Babu is portrayed. But unlike the novel, Dev does not die in the movie. Rather he decides to move on with life.

7. Waiting-

In this movie the two main characters portrayed end up waiting. Now this waiting is for what is a mystery. Is the wait for their spouses to wake up from their comatose situation or for them to die?

8. Rockstar-

This movie keeps the audience wondering about the future of Jordan. Everyone wished the couple had a happy ending. But there was something else in store.

9. Talvar-

This movie is based on a real life incidence of Arushi Talvar murder mystery. As in the case, the movie also ends with the mystery still unresolved as to whether the parents of Arushi are the culprits for her murder or not.

10. Ra One-



This movie despite being a Sci-Fi movie, kept the audience wondersing as to whether G One protects the family with his powers intact or its powers get disabled.

11. Udta Punjab-

The movie has multiple questions unanswered. Did Tommy Singh unite with Kumari Pinky? Did Sartaj Singh continue his strife against drugs in Punjab?

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