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Nia Sharma Took An Epic Dig At Padmaavat Row, It Actually Makes Sense!

Padmaavat controversies are not looking to die down anytime soon. The whole situation has blown out of proportion. It has become so scary that people are even thinking twice before going to the theater. Karni Sena is doing everything to stop the film from releasing, they have crossed all the lines while protesting. They vandalized sets, issued death threats to the director and actress. They even vandalized a school, where children were performing on Ghoomar song at their annual function. Recently, a ticket counter was set on fire.


Amid such chaos Padmaavat is slated to release on 25th January. This whole issue does raise some important question. People have come together to ban a film, but they won’t discuss some pressing issues in the country. For God sake, they have a problem with Deepika Padukone’s midriff. On top of that, the makers have used VFX to cover it.

Amid all the chaos, netizens are having some fun take on the issue. There are several hilarious reactions going viral on the social media.

Check out these Funny Reactions:

It looks like popular TV actress Nia Sharma is also unable to cope with the fact that entire Rajput community has joined hand to stop Padmaavat from releasing. The actress took to Twitter to take a hilarious dig at the issue. To be honest, it is pretty relatable.

She tweeted, “How does someone just Convince an entire community to start riots and protests while I can’t even convince my 3 friends to hang out with me…🤔 #RandomThoughts”

Are you going to watch Padmaavat in the theater? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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