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Nephew Ahil To Join Salman Khan On Weekend Ka Vaar ! 

​Bigg Boss 10 is finally coming to an end and we witnessed an Srk-Salman re-union on the sets on Weekend Ka Vaar episode. This weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan will be greeted by none other than his Nephew Ahil! Apirta Khan, brother in law Aayush and Nephew Ahil will join Salman Khan on this weekend ka vaar episode.

Salman Khan , Ahil
Salman Khan & Ahil

Baby Ahil was glowing on stage and looked completely comfortable hosting the show with his mamu. Not only this, the little star also met Jacqueline Fernanadez, Karan Johar, Farah Khan and Ganesh Hegde. These celebrities were delighted to meet baby Ahil. Infact, sources reveal that Jacqueline and Ahil got along really well and we’ll have to wait a bit more to catch a glimpse of baby Ahil playing with Jacqueline! 

But don’t lose feel low because we’ve got pictures of the manu-bhanja jodi in action on the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar! 

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