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Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi To Host A Grand Reception In July

Neha Dhupia tied knot with her long time best friend Angad Bedi in a private ceremony in presence of their families and close friends! They got married in an Anand Karaj ceremony attended by close family and friends in a Gurudwara in south Delhi. The wedding happened on a short notice but the couple had plans of hosting a reception for their friends in the coming days!

Well, after a long awaiting break, Angad Bedi finally reveals that the duo shall be hosting a reception in the month of July, for their friends from Bollywood and the cricket world! In a recent interview, Angad Bedi revealed all the further plans and the reasons for delay in the reception!

The actor said, “We are hoping to host a reception in the first week of July. Shaadi toh kar li, but we have to go reverse now. She (Neha) needs to give me five days to figure this out. We have seen a few venues and are yet to zero in on one. “I want my close friends to be there. Right now, all of them are busy. [Ashish] Nehra is not in town. From the film industry, I want Mr [Amitabh] Bachchan and Salman [Khan] bhai to be there, and they are both caught up right now.”

Angad Bedi also said that the celebration will follow once they lock in a house they are wishing to purchase.

About the hush hush and a sudden wedding Angad Bedi said, “One day, Neha and I were talking about life, and I told her I want to settle down with her. We’ve known each other for a while. I have been interested in her for a long time. I spoke to her parents. They loved me, especially her mother. We had the idea of having a winter wedding, but my dad [Bishan Singh Bedi] said we should keep it small. Between the cricket and Bollywood industries, we should have a guest list of 2,000 people. Neha is leaving for the US soon, and I am in between three projects. So, it was now or never for us.”

Neha Dhupia’s wedding reception truly is awaited!

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