Mother ‘ s Day 2018: Actors Share One Important Thing They Learnt From Their Mothers

The bond a child and mother share is an unconditional love. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be a little baby for your mother. So don’t forget to make your mom special on the occasion of Mother’s day. On this special day, our Bollywood celebrities shared what one important thing they learnt from their mother.

1. Ali FazalSomebody is always watching. Always. Just remember to fold your clothes and your own sheets. Keep your room neat. Your life is but a version of that room.

2. Arunoday SinghThe greatest thing my mother has taught me is that happiness and self-esteem are not synonymous with success.  She taught me to seek the joy, to stay in the light. No matter what I’m dealing with.

3. Rasika DugalThe one skill I have learned from my mother is- attention to detail and that has been an important skill to have as an actor. Her attention to the smallest of things in everything she does never ceases to amaze me. Whether it’s in her attention to her work or in the way she chooses gifts for people and especially when she is cooking /baking. I can never be as good as her but I think I have got some of it!

4. Richa ChadhaWhat I learnt from my Mom is compassion. When I was little, I would kill ants and insects. My mother told me – “Yeh cheenti shayad apni mummy ke paas ja rahi hai?”  That was such a strong rephrase at the time. It’s made me compassionate and ethical.

5. Sumeet VyasThat there’s no harm in listening, rather than always waiting for your turn to speak. Also dosing off in the most dreadful and tense situations in life.

6. Taapsee PannuMy mom’s internal strength is what I became a huge fan of once I grew up. The way she handled 3 really different personalities at home (my Dad, my sister and myself) the way she became a shock absorber of our madness and still kept us together. The way she was the bridge between my Dad and me and still continues to be. The way she doesn’t give up on any one of us even though we r very mean to her at times because she is way more evolved and stronger person than us.

7. Alia BhattI feel I don’t do enough for my mum to make her feel special. Mothers are giving in any case, but in our relationship, she is not just my mother, but also my manager, friend, doctor, therapist, and more. She is a superwoman.

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