Mom Neetu Kapoor on Mission to find her Bahu!!

The 30-year-old Ranbir Kapoor is now single. As we all know that Ranbir had a breakup with Katrina Kaif, they have no future together. After all Ranbir is a free bird now, new news has come up that Neetu Kapoor wants to find a suitable bride for his beloved son.

As Ranbir seems no interest in finding a bride for himself, his mom and dad has taken a step forward to find a bride for his lad. After Ranbir and Katrina breakup in this year b-town was seem to be little shock because this couple showed that they were heading towards their marriage. Neetu Kapoor is not at all happy how the ways are going on now so, She decided to take the matter in her own hands. Like everyone else even Kapoor’s family is not liking how Ranbir personal life is been spreading all around b-town. Casanova! this is the tag given to Ranbir now a days. However, Ranbir has not been succeeded in finding a bride by himself his parents are in for some action to get his boy settle down. Finding a bride for Ranbir by his mom shows that Neetu Kapoor wants a typical bahu type girl and wants to keep it normal not like a filmy one. Ranbir is not at all interested in any kind of relation now.


It has been seen that Ranbir is not at all interested in any of the Bollywood actress now nor he want’s to date any babes from this industry. After all his personal life discussed by every of his fan, to build up his image he wants to keep his private life guarded and keep away from limelight.

ranbir kapoor with neetu kapoor

So we hope that Ranbir get his match soon and we see Ranbir in dulha ka avatar. Wedding bells are all around the Bollywood celebs.

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